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       itstool - convert between XML and PO using ITS


       itstool [OPTIONS] XMLFILES...
       itstool -m <MOFILE> [OPTIONS] XMLFILES...
       itstool -j <XMLFILE> [OPTIONS] MOFILES...


       itstool   extracts  messages  from  XML  files  and outputs PO template files, then merges
       translations from MO files to create translated XML files. It determines what to translate
       and how to chunk it into messages using the W3C Internationalization Tag Set (ITS).

       To extract messages from XML files XMLFILES and output them to OUT.pot:

       itstool -o OUT.pot XMLFILES

       After  merging with existing translations or translating strings, generate an MO file with
       msgfmt(1), then output translated files to the directory DIR:

       itstool -m -o DIR XMLFILES

       You can also create a single multilingual XML output file using an input XML  file  and  a
       set of MO files:

       itstool -j FILE.xml -o OUT.xml MOFILES

       ITS  definitions  are  loaded  from  the  built-in rules, rules embedded in the source XML
       files, files passed with the -i option, and ITS attributes in the source XML files.  Later
       definitions take precedence. You can disable built-in rules by passing the -n option.


       -o OUT.pot
       --out OUT.pot
           output PO template to the file OUT.pot

       --merge MOFILE XMLFILES
           merge from an MO file MOFILE and output translated XML files for source XMLFILES

       -l LANG
       --lang LANG
           explicitly set the language code output to XML

       -o OUT
       --out OUT
           output XML files in the directory OUT

       --join XMLFILE MOFILES
           join translations from MOFILES into a multilingual file based on source XMLFILE

       -o OUT.xml
       --out OUT.xml
           output to the XML file OUT.xml

       -i ITS
       --its ITS
           load the ITS rules in the file ITS (can specify multiple times)

           do not apply the built-in ITS rules that ship with itstool

           exit with error when PO files contain broken XML

           load external DTDs used by input XML files

           keep entity references unexpanded in PO files

       -p NAME VALUE
       --param NAME VALUE
           define ITS parameter NAME to the value VALUE (can specify multiple times)


       Shaun McCance <>


       More documentation for itstool is maintained online. For more information, see: