Provided by: libixp-dev_0.6~20121202+hg148-2build1_amd64 bug


       ixpc - ixp client


       ixpc [-a address] action file
       ixpc -v


       ixpc  is  a client to access a 9P file server from the command line or from shell scripts.
       It can be used to configure wmii(1).

       -a address
              Lets you specify the address to which ixpc will establish  a  connection.  If  this
              option  is not supplied, and the environment variable IXP_ADDRESS is set, ixpc will
              use this value as its address. Currently, the address can only  be  a  unix  socket
              file  or  a  tcp  socket.  The  syntax  for address is taken (along with many other
              profound  ideas)  from  the  Plan   9   operating   system   and   has   the   form
              unix!/path/to/socket for unix socket files, and tcp!hostname!port for tcp sockets.

       -v     Prints version information to stdout, then exits.

       The syntax of the actions is as follows:

       write  Writes  the supplied data from the standard input to file, overwriting any previous
              data.   The  data  to  be  written  is  arbitrary  and  only  gains  meaning   (and
              restrictions) when it is interpreted by wmiiwm(1).  See EXAMPLES below.

       xwrite The same as write, but the data is taken from subsequent arguments, rather than the
              standard input.

       create Creates file or directory. If the file exists, nothing is done.

       ls     Lists files and directories.

       read   Reads file or directory contents.

       remove Removes file or directory tree.


              See above.


       ixpc ls /
              This prints the root directory of the wmii filesystem, if IXP_ADDRESS is set to the
              address  of  wmii.  For more information about the contents of this filesystem, see

       ixpc xwrite /ctl quit
              Write 'quit' to the main control file of the wmii filesystem,  effectively  leaving

       ixpc write /keys < keys.txt
              Replace the contents of /keys with the contents of keys.txt



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