Provided by: jardiff_0.2-5_all bug


       jardiff - tool to visualise API differences between two JAR files


       usage:  jardiff  -f  <from  jar>  -t  <to  jar>  [-F  <from  name>]  [-T  <to  name>] [[-o
       <xml|html|xhtml|text>]|[-x <xsl file>]] [-O <file>] [-s <href>] [-fa <href>] [-ta <href>]

       -f,--from <arg>
              from jar file

       -F,--from-name <arg>
              from name

       -fa,--from-api <arg>
              relative location of from api

              print help on command line arguments

       -o,--output-format <arg>
              output format, xml or html

       -O,--out <arg>
              output file

       -s,--stylesheet <arg>
              stylesheet to link to when generating html

       -T,--to-name <arg>
              to name

       -t,--to <arg>
              to jar file

       -ta,--to-api <arg>
              relative location of to api

       -x,--xsl <arg>
              custom xsl sheet to format output with