Provided by: jd_2.8.9-150226-6_amd64 bug


       jd - gtk+ based 2ch browser for Linux




       This manual page documents briefly the jd commands.

       jd is a program that gtk+ based one, useful to view "2ch-style Bulletin board System" that
       uses "bbs.cgi" and "read.cgi", it is like that  we  use  RSS  reader  to  read  blogs.  It
       supports you to read/write articles in such BBS.
       2ch-style BBSs are
        - 2 channel (, largest BBS in Japan),
        - Shitaraba (
        - Machi-BBS ( and so on.


       jd was written by JD Project (

       This  manual page was written by Hideki Yamane (Debian-JP) <>, for the
       Debian project (but may be used by others).

                                         Febrary 28, 2006                                   JD(1)