Provided by: javahelper_0.72.8_all bug


       jh_build - compile java sources in the absence of a (useful) upstream build system


       jh_build [debhelperĀ options]

       jh_build [debhelperĀ options] jarfile source [... source]



           A file consisting of each build to perform.  One build per line where each line
           consists of:

             I<jarfile> I<source> [... I<source>]

           Where jarfile is the name of the jar file to be built and source is a source file or
           directory containing source files.


           Set the Main-Class attribute in the manifest of the generated jar file(s) to main-
           class.  This makes java -jar generated-jar-file run that class.

           Use home as JAVA_HOME (overrides the JAVA_HOME environment variable).

       -J, --javadoc, --no-javadoc
           Whether or not to build javadoc for the jar files.  The default is to generate javadoc
           along with the jar files.

       -o options, --javacopts=options
           Pass options to javac (when invoking javac).  The options value is a space-separate
           list of options (remember to quote the argument to avoid the shell interpreting the

           Pass options to javadoc (when invoking javadoc).  The options value is a space-
           separate list of options (remember to quote the argument to avoid the shell
           interpreting the value).

           If passed, jh_build will clean up after itself.  This is called by jh_clean(1) and
           using jh_clean(1) is recommended over calling jh_build with --clean directly.


           If set (and --java-home is omitted), it determines the location of the java home for
           finding the javac(1) compiler, javadoc(1) compiler and the jar(1) utility.

           If the environment variable is unset and --java-home is omitted, then the default java
           home is /usr/lib/jvm/default-java

           If set, this is the classpath used during compilation of the source code.

           A space separated list of extra files or directories to include in the generated jar

           Can be omitted if no extra files need to be included.


         jh_build foo.jar src/java/main

       Will generate foo.jar from compiling all the java files in src/java/main and generate a
       javadoc from it.



       This program is a part of javahelper and uses debhelper as backend. There are also
       tutorials in /usr/share/doc/javahelper.