Provided by: javahelper_0.72.8_all bug


       jh_classpath - sets classpaths in jar files


       jh_classpath [debhelper options]

       jh_classpath [debhelper options] [-ppackage] [--classpath=cp] [jar [...]]


       jh_classpath is a javahelper program that can set the classpath on jar files for you.

       It has two modes of operations.  By default, it will read debian/package.classpath or
       debian/classpath and set the classpath of all jar files listed in that file.  In this
       mode, jh_classpath does not accept any non-option arguments.

       Alternatively, you can pass jh_classpath a list of jar files to update.  It will process
       each of those and set the classpath of them to that value set by --classpath if passed.
       If --classpath is omitted the environment variable CLASSPATH will be used instead
       (rewriting its contents as necessary).  In this mode, jh_classpath will not read
       debian/package.classpath nor debian/classpath.


       debian/package.classpath, debian/classpath
           Parsed to determine which jar files should be processed for the given package.  Note
           that unlike most other debhelper commands, jh_classpath will use debian/classpath as a
           fallback configuration file for all packages that it acts on.  Other debhelper
           commands usually only apply this fallback to the "main package".

           The file consists of 0 or more lines with the following:

                jarfile classpath-file1 [... classpath-file2]

           Note that each file in the classpath is space-separated in this configuration file.


       -ccp, --classpath=cp

       Beyond the above, jh_classpath also accepts the shared debhelper options documented in



       This program is a part of javahelper and uses debhelper as backend. There are also
       tutorials in /usr/share/doc/javahelper.


       Niels Thykier <>