Provided by: jikespg_1.3-3build1_amd64 bug


       jikespg - creates grammar parsers in Java, C, or C++.


       jikespg [options] [filename[.extension]]


       Jikes  Parser  Generator  is  a  parser  generator  that  accepts  as  input  an annotated
       description for a language grammar and produces text files suitable  for  inclusion  in  a
       parser for that language. It is similar in function and use to the widely-available parser
       generators Yacc and Bison.

       It also provides support for automatic diagnosis and recovery from syntactic errors. It is
       the  parser  generator  used  by  the  Jikes Compiler. Jikes Parser Generator can generate
       parsers for LALR(k) grammars and produce output suitable for use with parsers  written  in
       Java, C, or C++.