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       jose-jwk-gen - Creates a random JWK for each input JWK template


       jose jwk gen -i JWK [-o JWK]


       The  jose jwk gen command generates a key from one or more JWK(Set) templates. If a single
       template is given as input, a single JWK will be output. However,  if  multiple  templates
       are given as input, a single JWKSet will be output containing all the keys.

       The  best  way  to  generate a key is to specify the algorithm it will be used with in the
       "alg" property of the JWK template. This method should be preferred since, when generating
       from  an  algorithm,  an  appropriate  "key_ops"  parameter will be emitted automatically.
       Further, having a JWK with the algorithm already specified will assist algorithm inference
       when encrypting or signing.

       Alternatively,  you  can  generate  a key by specifying its key type ("kty") JWK property,
       along with the required type-specific generation parameter. See the examples below for how
       to  do  this  for each key type. If the type-specific generation parameter is non-standard
       (for example: "bytes" and "bits"), it will be removed excluded from the output.


       -i JSON, --input=JSON
              Parse JWK(Set) template from JSON

       -i FILE, --input=FILE
              Read JWK(Set) template from FILE

       -i -, --input=-
              Read JWK(Set) template from standard input

       -o FILE, --output=FILE
              Write JWK(Set) to FILE

       -o -, --output=-
              Write JWK(Set) to standard input

       -s, --set
              Always output a JWKSet


       Generate three keys, each targeting a different algorithm:

           $ jose jwk gen -i ´{"alg":"HS256"}´ -o oct.jwk
           $ jose jwk gen -i ´{"alg":"RS256"}´ -o rsa.jwk
           $ jose jwk gen -i ´{"alg":"ES256"}´ -o ec.jwk

       Generate three keys using key parameters rather than algorithms:

           $ jose jwk gen -i ´{"kty":"oct","bytes":32}´ -o oct.jwk
           $ jose jwk gen -i ´{"kty":"RSA","bits":4096}´ -o rsa.jwk
           $ jose jwk gen -i ´{"kty":"EC","crv":"P-256"}´ -o ec.jwk

       Create multiple keys at once using a JWKSet template:

           $ jose jwk gen \
             -i ´{"keys":[{"alg":"HS256"},{"alg":"ES256"}]}´ \
             -o keys.jwkset

       Create multiple keys at once using multiple JWK templates:

           $ jose jwk gen \
             -i ´{"alg":"HS256"}´ \
             -i ´{"alg":"ES256"}´ \
             -o keys.jwkset


       Nathaniel McCallum <>


       jose-alg(1),   jose-jwe-dec(1),   jose-jwe-enc(1),    jose-jwk-exc(1),    jose-jwk-pub(1),
       jose-jwk-thp(1), jose-jwk-use(1), jose-jws-sig(1), jose-jws-ver(1),

                                            June 2017                             JOSE-JWK-GEN(1)