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       josm - Java OpenStreetMap Editor




       JOSM is an editor for OpenStreetMap written in Java 8.

       OpenStreetMap  is  a project aimed squarely at creating and providing free geographic data
       such as street maps to anyone who wants  them.  It  allows  you  to  view,  edit  and  use
       geographical  data in a collaborative way from anywhere on earth.  The project was started
       because most maps you think of as free actually have legal or  technical  restrictions  on
       their use, holding back people from using them in creative, productive or unexpected ways.


       -h, -?, --help
              Show help

              Standard X geometry argument

              Download the bounding box

              Download the location at the url (with lat=x&lon=y&zoom=z)

              Open file (any file type that can be opened with File/Open)

              Download the bounding box as raw gps

              Select with the given search

              Do [not] launch in maximized mode

              Reset the preferences to the default

              Change preferences according to the XML file

              Set preference key to value

              Set the language

              Display the JOSM version

              Print debugging messages to console

              Disable access to the given resource(s), separated by comma


       JOSM files are saved according to the XDG Base Directory Specification:


              User data


       If the directory $HOME/.josm exists, all files are stored there.


       The  following options can be set by using Java system properties (i.e. -Dkey=value passed
       to java, or specified inside JAVA_OPTS).

              Set the JOSM preferences directory.

              Set the JOSM user data directory.

              Set the JOSM cache directory.

              Relocate all 3 directories to homedir. Cache directory will be in <homedir>/cache.<JOSM>
              Change the JOSM directory name.


              Specify an alternate Java environment.

              Specify Java options.  For example, to use a HTTP proxy server with  this  program,
              set       this       environment       variable       to       something       like
              JAVA_OPTS="-Dhttp.proxyHost=yourProxyURL" before starting josm.


       JOSM was originally designed and coded by Immanuel Scholz, and is now  maintained  by  the
       OpenStreetMap community.

       The current JOSM maintainer is Dirk Stöcker.  A lot of administration work is done by Paul
       Hartmann and Vincent Privat.

       Major code contributions from (in alphabetical order):

       Stefan Breunig David Earl Gabriel Ebner Dave Hansen Paul Hartmann Karl Guggisberg Matthias
       Julius  Alexei  Kasatkin  Jiri  Klement  Ulf  Lamping  Simon  Legner  Raphael Mack Upliner
       Mikhalych Vincent Privat Frederik Ramm Dirk Stöcker

       Many   minor   contributions   and   patches   by   others;    see    SVN    history    at  for  details.  Use  "josm-dev AT" to
       contact still active authors.  The logo has been designed by Ilya Palikov.

       This manual page was initially written  by  Andreas  Putzo  <>,  for  the
       Debian project (but may be used by others).

                                          July 21, 2016                                   JOSM(1)