Provided by: jsurf-alggeo_0.4.1+ds-2_all bug


       jsurf-alggeo - Java based renderer for real SURFaces (ALGebraic GEOmetry dedicated tool)


       usage: jsurf-alggeo [options...] {jsurf_input|-} [png_output|-]

       jsurf-alggeo  is  a renderer for real algebraic surfaces.  jsurf-alggeo translates its own
       language script files (generally with extension '.jsurf') into Portable  Network  Graphics
       (PNG) files; PNG is a raster graphics file format that supports lossless data compression.
       If the output filename is not specified, the output is  placed  in  a  file  of  the  same
       basename  with  a  '.png'  extension  in  the current working directory.  Either the input
       filename or the output filename can be '-' to request reading from  stdin  or  writing  to
       stdout,  respectively.  Whenever  the  Graphic  Unit Interface (GUI) is available, the gui
       option takes precedence over the  output  options,  otherwise  it  is  ignored.  That  is,
       whenever  the  gui  option is present (and available), the output is displayed in a window
       rather than written to a PNG file.

       --gui  display rendering (overrides output options)

       --help display this help text and exit

       -o,--output <arg>
              output PNG into this file (overrode by the 2nd argument if present)

       -q,--quality <arg>
              quality of the rendering: 0 (low), 1 (medium, default), 2 (high), 3 (extreme)

       -s,--size <arg>
              image width and height (default: 512)

              print program version and exit