Provided by: wsjtx_2.0.0+repack-2_amd64 bug


       jt9 -  processes JT4/9/65, FT8 and QRA64 information in wav files


       Usage: jt9 [OPTIONS] file1 [file2 ...]


              Reads data from *.wav files.

              jt9  -s  <key>  [-w  patience] [-m threads] [-e path] [-a path] [-t path] Gets data
              from shared memory region with key==<key>


           Display this help message

       -s KEY
       --shmem KEY
           Use shared memory for sample data

       -p MINUTES
       --tr-period MINUTES
           Tx/Rx period, default MINUTES=1

       -e PATH
       --executable-path PATH
           Location of subordinate executables (KVASD) default PATH="."

       -a PATH
       --data-path PATH
           Location of writeable data files, default PATH="."

       -t PATH
       --temp-path PATH
           Temporary files path, default PATH="."

       -L HERTZ
       --lowest HERTZ
           Lowest frequency decoded (JT65), default HERTZ=200

       -H HERTZ
       --highest HERTZ
           Highest frequency decoded, default HERTZ=4007

       -S HERTZ
       --split HERTZ
           Lowest JT9 frequency decoded, default HERTZ=2700

       -f HERTZ
       --rx-frequency HERTZ
           Receive frequency offset, default HERTZ=1500

       -w PATIENCE
       --patience PATIENCE
           FFTW3 planing patience (0-4), default PATIENCE=1

       -m THREADS
       --fft-threads THREADS
           Number of threads to process large FFTs, default THREADS=1

           JT65 mode

           JT9 mode

           FT8 mode

           JT4 mode

           QRA64 mode

       -b A
       --sub-mode A
           Sub mode, default SUBMODE=A

       -d DEPTH
       --depth DEPTH
           JT9 decoding depth (1-3), default DEPTH=1

           Tx mode is JT9

       -c CALL
       --my-call CALL
           my callsign.HP

       -G GRID
       --my-grid GRID
           my grid locator

       -x CALL
       --his-call CALL
           Their callsign

       -g GRID
       --his-grid GRID
           Their grid locator

       -X FLAGS
       --experience-decode FLAGS
           experience based decoding flags (1..n), default FLAGS=0


       The full documentation for jt9 is maintained as a Texinfo manual.  If  the  info  and  jt9
       programs are properly installed at your site, the command

              info jt9

       should give you access to the complete manual.


       This manual page was written by Dave Hibberd <>