Provided by: juju-deployer_0.6.4-0ubuntu1_all bug


       juju-deployer - deploy complex service stacks with juju


       usage: juju-deployer [-h] [-c CONFIGS] [-d] [-L] [-u] [-l] [-D] [-T]

              [-t  TIMEOUT] [-f FIND_SERVICE] [-b] [-s DEPLOY_DELAY] [-e JUJU_ENV] [-o OVERRIDES]
              [-v] [-W] [-r RETRY_COUNT] [--diff] [-w REL_WAIT] [deployment]

   positional arguments:

   optional arguments:
       -h, --help
              show this help message and exit

       -c CONFIGS, --config CONFIGS
              File containing deployment(s) json config. This option can be repeated, with  later
              files overriding values in earlier ones.

       -d, --debug
              Enable debugging to stdout

       -L, --local-mods
              Disallow deployment of locally-modified charms

       -u, --update-charms
              Update existing charm branches

       -l, --ls
              List available deployments

       -D, --destroy-services
              Destroy all services (do not terminate machines)

       -T, --terminate-machines
              Terminate  all  machines but the bootstrap node. Destroy any services that exist on

       -t TIMEOUT, --timeout TIMEOUT
              Timeout (sec) for entire deployment (45min default)

       -f FIND_SERVICE, --find-service FIND_SERVICE
              Find hostname from first unit of a specific service.

       -b, --branch-only
              Update vcs branches and exit.

       -s DEPLOY_DELAY, --deploy-delay DEPLOY_DELAY
              Time in seconds to sleep between 'deploy' commands, to allow  machine  provider  to
              process  requests.  On  terminate  machines  this  also signals waiting for machine

       -e JUJU_ENV, --environment JUJU_ENV
              Deploy to a specific Juju environment.

       -o OVERRIDES, --override OVERRIDES
              Override *all* config options of the  same  name  across  all  services.  Input  as

       -v, --verbose
              Verbose output

       -W, --watch
              Watch environment changes on console

       -r RETRY_COUNT, --retry RETRY_COUNT
              Resolve unit errors via retry. Either standalone or in a deployment

       --diff Resolve unit errors via retry. Either standalone or in a deployment

       -w REL_WAIT, --relation-wait REL_WAIT
              Number  of  seconds to wait before checking for relation errors after all relations
              have been added and subordinates started. (default: 60)