Provided by: jupyter-core_4.4.0-2_all bug


       jupyter-migrate  -  Migrate  configuration  and  data from IPython prior to 4.0 to Jupyter


       This migrates:

       ·   config files in the default profile

       ·   kernels in ~/.ipython/kernels

       ·   notebook javascript extensions in ~/.ipython/extensions

       ·   custom.js/css to .jupyter/custom

       to their new Jupyter locations.

       All files are copied, not moved. If the destinations already exist, nothing will be done.


       Arguments that take values are actually convenience aliases to full  Configurables,  whose
       aliases  are  listed  on  the  help  line. For more information on full configurables, see


              set log level to logging.DEBUG (maximize logging output)


              Answer yes to any questions instead of prompting.


              generate default config file

       --config=<Unicode> (JupyterApp.config_file)

              Default: u'' Full path of a config file.

       --log-level=<Enum> (Application.log_level)

              Default: 30 Choices: (0, 10, 20, 30, 40,  50,  'DEBUG',  'INFO',  'WARN',  'ERROR',
              'CRITICAL') Set the log level by value or name.

       To see all available configurables, use `--help-all`