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       kanboard - kanboard command line client


       kanboard subcommand options


       Kanboard ( is project management software that focuses on the Kanban
       methodology. It has the following features:

       ·   Visualize your work

       ·   Limit your work in progress to be more efficient

       ·   Customize your boards according to your business activities

       ·   Multiple projects with the ability to drag and drop tasks

       ·   Reports and analytics

       ·   Fast and simple to use

       ·   Access from anywhere with a modern browser

       ·   Plugins and integrations with external services

       ·   Free, open source and self-hosted

       ·   Super simple installation


       app version
           Get version.

       app timezone
           Get timezone.

       project list
           List all projects.

       project show
           Show project information.

       task create
           Create task.

       task list
           List all tasks.


           kanboard API URL. You can also set URL in KANBOARD_URL environment variable.

           API username. You can also set username in KANBOARD_USERNAME environment variable.

           API password/token. You can also set password/token in KANBOARD_PASSWORD environment

           API authentication header.


       This manual page was written by ChangZhuo Chen <> for the Debian
       GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).

                                            03/04/2017                                KANBOARD(1)