Provided by: kimwitu_4.6.1-7.2_amd64 bug


       kc - generate C code from Kimwitu input


       kc [ file.k ...  ]
       kc --version


       kc  reads  the abstract syntax definition, function definitions, rewrite rules and unparse
       rules from the files given on the command line, or from the  standard  input  if  no  file
       arguments  were  given,  and  generates  for each file.k input file a pair of file.c and a
       file.h files that contain the translation of the functions defined  in  the  corresponding
       file.k,  in  addition  to  the  files  that are always generated: csgiok.[ch], rk.[ch] and
       unpk.[ch] files, that contain respectively the  CSGIO-,  the  rewrite-  and  the  unparse-
       functions,  and  the  k.c  and k.h files that contain the grammar tables and the remaining
       `default' functions.  If no command line file arguments are given, the translation of  the
       user-defined functions will be generated in stdin.[ch] files.

       kc  does  not  unnecessarily overwrite a file: if a file would be overwritten with its own
       (identical) contents, it will not be touched.  This makes it easy to  write  an  efficient


       --version   print  the  version  number of kc and exit (this option is not available in kc
                   versions older than V3_9P3)


       k.[ch]      the grammar and default functions

       rk.[ch]     the rewrite view declarations and rewrite functions

       csgiok.[ch] the CSGIO functions

       unpk.[ch]   the unparse view declarations and unparsing functions

       file.[ch]   translation of user-provided Kimwitu functions.

       stdin.[ch]  translation of  user-provided  Kimwitu  functions  if  no  command  line  file
                   arguments were given.


       If  an  error  is  encountered  in  the Kimwitu input, an apropriate error message will be
       written on standard error, code generation will be suppressed and a  non-zero  exit  value
       will be returned.  The error messages should be self-explanatory.


       Axel Belinfante, University of Twente, the Netherlands.


       By Email: <>


       This manual page documents kc V3_* and newer.

                                           May 13, 1996                                     KC(1)