Provided by: kyotocabinet-utils_1.2.76-4.2_amd64 bug


       kcdirmgr - command line interface to manage the directory hash database


       The  command `kcdirmgr' is a utility for test and debugging of the directory hash database
       and its applications.  `path' specifies the path of a database file.  `key' specifies  the
       key  of  a  record.   `value'  specifies  the  value  of  a  record.  `file' specifies the
       input/output file.

              kcdirmgr create [-otr] [-onl|-otl|-onr] [-tc] path
                     Creates a database file.
              kcdirmgr inform [-onl|-otl|-onr] [-st] path
                     Prints status information.
              kcdirmgr set [-onl|-otl|-onr] [-add|-app|-rep|-inci|-incd] [-sx] path key value
                     Stores a record.
              kcdirmgr remove [-onl|-otl|-onr] [-sx] path key
                     Removes a record.
              kcdirmgr get [-onl|-otl|-onr] [-rm] [-sx] [-px] [-pz] path key
                     Prints the value of a record.
              kcdirmgr list [-onl|-otl|-onr] [-max num] [-rm] [-sx] [-pv] [-px] path [key]
                     Prints keys of all records, separated by line feeds.
              kcdirmgr clear [-onl|-otl|-onr] path
                     Removes all records of a database.
              kcdirmgr import [-onl|-otl|-onr] [-sx] path [file]
                     Imports records from a TSV file.
              kcdirmgr copy [-onl|-otl|-onr] path file
                     Copies the whole database.
              kcdirmgr dump [-onl|-otl|-onr] path [file]
                     Dumps records into a snapshot file.
              kcdirmgr load [-otr] [-onl|-otl|-onr] path [file]
                     Loads records from a snapshot file.
              kcdirmgr defrag [-onl|-otl|-onr] path
                     Performs defragmentation.
              kcdirmgr setbulk [-onl|-otl|-onr] path key value ...
                     Store records at once.
              kcdirmgr removebulk [-onl|-otl|-onr] [-sx] path key ...
                     Remove records at once.
              kcdirmgr getbulk [-onl|-otl|-onr] [-sx] [-px] path key ...
                     Retrieve records at once.
              kcdirmgr check [-onl|-otl|-onr] path
                     Checks consistency.

       Options feature the following.

              -otr : opens the database with the truncation option.
              -onl : opens the database with the no locking option.
              -otl : opens the database with the try locking option.
              -onr : opens the database with the no auto repair option.
              -tc : tunes the database with the compression option.
              -st : prints miscellaneous information.
              -add : performs adding operation.
              -app : performs appending operation.
              -rep : performs replacing operation.
              -inci : performs integer increment operation.
              -incd : performs real number increment operation.
              -sx : the input data is evaluated as a hexadecimal data string.
              -rm : removes the record.
              -px : the output data is converted into a hexadecimal data string.
              -pz : does not append line feed at the end of the output.
              -max num : specifies the maximum number of shown records.
              -pv : prints values of records also.

       This command returns 0 on success, another on failure.