Provided by: kcptun_20190109+ds-1_amd64 bug


       kcptun-server - Simple UDP Tunnel Based On KCP


              kcptun - server(with SMUX)

              kcptun-server [global options] command [command options] [arguments...]


       help, h
              Shows a list of commands or help for one command

       --listen value, -l value
              kcp server listen address (default: ":29900")

       --target value, -t value
              target server address (default: "")

       --key value
              pre-shared   secret   between   client  and  server  (default:  "it's  a  secrect")

       --crypt value
              aes, aes-128, aes-192, salsa20, blowfish, twofish, cast5,  3des,  tea,  xtea,  xor,
              sm4, none (default: "aes")

       --mode value
              profiles: fast3, fast2, fast, normal, manual (default: "fast")

       --mtu value
              set maximum transmission unit for UDP packets (default: 1350)

       --sndwnd value
              set send window size(num of packets) (default: 1024)

       --rcvwnd value
              set receive window size(num of packets) (default: 1024)

       --datashard value, --ds value
              set reed-solomon erasure coding - datashard (default: 10)

       --parityshard value, --ps value
              set reed-solomon erasure coding - parityshard (default: 3)

       --dscp value
              set DSCP(6bit) (default: 0)

              disable compression

       --sockbuf value
              per-socket buffer in bytes (default: 4194304)

       --keepalive value
              seconds between heartbeats (default: 10)

       --snmplog value
              collect snmp to file, aware of timeformat in golang, like: ./snmp-20060102.log

       --snmpperiod value
              snmp collect period, in seconds (default: 60)

              start profiling server on :6060

       --log value
              specify a log file to output, default goes to stderr

              to suppress the 'stream open/close' messages

       -c value
              config from json file, which will override the command from shell

       --help, -h
              show help

       --version, -v
              print the version