Provided by: kdeconnect_1.3.1-1_amd64 bug


       kdeconnect-cli - KDE Connect CLI tool


       kdeconnect-cli [Qt-options] [KDE-options] [options]


       KDE Connect CLI tool

   Generic options:
       --help Show help about options

              Show Qt specific options

              Show KDE specific options

              Show all options

              Show author information

       -v, --version
              Show version information

              Show license information

       --     End of options


       -l, --list-devices
              List all devices

       --share <path>
              Share a file to a said device

       --pair Request pairing to a said device

              Stop pairing to a said device

       --ping Sends a ping to said device

       --device <dev>
              Device ID

       KDE Development Platform: 4.13.1 kdeconnect-cli: 1.0

                                            July 2014                           KDECONNECT-CLI(1)