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       Keymon - Keyboard and mouse monitor window for GTK.


       key-mon [options]


       -h, --help
              show this help message and exit

       -s, --smaller
              Make the dialog 25% smaller than normal.

       -l, --larger
              Make the dialog 25% larger than normal.

       -m, --meta
              Show the meta (windows) key.

              Opposite of --meta

              Show the mouse.

              Opposite of --mouse

              Show shift key.

              Opposite of --shift

       --ctrl Show the ctrl key.

              Opposite of --ctrl

       --alt  Show the alt key.

              Opposite of --alt

              Scale the dialog. ex. 2.0 is 2 times larger, 0.5 is half the size. Defaults to 1.0

              Timeout before key returns to unpressed image. Defaults to 0.5

              Timeout before mouse returns to unpressed image. Defaults to 0.2

              Timeout before highly visible click disappears. Defaults to 0.2

              Show decoration

              Opposite of --decorated

              Show only buttons

              Opposite of --backgroundless

              Fadeout  the  window  after  a  period  with  no key press. Defaults to 0.0 seconds

              Show only key combos (ex. Control-A)

              Opposite of --only_combo

              Sticky mode

              Opposite of --sticky

              Show where you clicked

              Opposite of --visible_click

              Show the mouse more visibly

              Opposite of --follow_mouse

              Use this kbd filename.

       --swap Swap the mouse buttons.

              Opposite of --swap

              When you press the left, and right mouse buttons at the same time, it displays as a
              middle mouse button click.

              Opposite of --emulate-middle

       -v, --version
              Show version information and exit.

       -t THEME, --theme=THEME
              The theme to use when drawing status images (ex. "-t apple").

              List available themes

              How many historical keypresses to show (defaults to 0)

              Reset all options to their defaults.

              Opacity of window

              Logging level

       -d, --debug
              Output debugging information. Shorthand for --loglevel=debug

              Create  a  "screenshot.png"  and  exit.  Pass  a  comma  separated  list of keys to
              simulate(ex.  "KEY_A,KEY_LEFTCTRL").


       Keymon is a program to help in teaching or podcasting by showing the current status of the
       mouse buttons and keyboard.

       Keymon  creates  a  small,  borderless  window which always stays topmost and monitors the
       keystrokes and mouse buttons used at any time in any program.

       Configuration files are saved in ~/.config/key-mon/.


       Written by Scott Kirkwood (


       Full documentation for keymon is available at


       Send bugs to