Provided by: keysync_0.2.2-2_all bug


       keysync - convert OTR key info between different formats


       keysync [options] [path]


       This manual page documents briefly the keysync command.

       keysync  is  a  program  for  converting  the various OTR file formats between each other.
       KeySync works with the two major OTR keystore versions: libotr format and otr4j, and  then
       a few variants of those major formats.  There is some preliminary support for pure-python-
       otr keystores.

       It can read and write the OTR keystore  formats  from  Adium,  ChatSecure,  IRSSI,  Jitsi,
       Pidgin,  and  XChat.  It can also read some data from Gajim and GnuPG, but that is not yet
       fully implemented.

       For syncing the OTR data to ChatSecure on an Android device, use keysync-gui.


       This is beta software, do not rely on it for strong identity verification.  It is unlikely
       to  mess up so bad as to produce compromised secret keys, but anything is possible.  Also,
       keep in mind that program is handling your private OTR keys, so  careful  with  the  files
       produced  with keysync!  That said, testing and feedback is greatly appreciated, so we can
       get it to the point where it can be fully trusted.


       -h, --help
              show this help message and exit

       -i, --input {adium,chatsecure,gajim,gpg,irssi,jitsi,pidgin,xchat}
              specify which programs to take  as  input.  if  multiple  then  they'll  be  merged
              (default: pidgin)

       -o, --output {adium,chatsecure,gajim,irssi,jitsi,pidgin,xchat}
              specify  which  format  to  write  out.  if  multiple then each will be written out
              (default: chatsecure)

       --output-folder OUTPUT_FOLDER
              write the output files to this folder (default: current folder)

              do not print the ChatSecure QR Code to the terminal

       -q, --quiet
              do not print anything to the terminal

              show program's version number and exit


       keysync was written by The Guardian Project <>.

                                           2012 Apr 21                                 keysync(1)