Provided by: heimdal-clients_7.5.0+dfsg-2.1_amd64 bug


     kf — securely forward tickets


     kf [-p port | --port=port] [-l login | --login=login] [-c ccache | --ccache=ccache]
        [-F | --forwardable] [-G | --no-forwardable] [-h | --help] [--version] host ...


     The kf program forwards tickets to a remote host through an authenticated and encrypted
     stream.  Options supported are:

     -p port, --port=port
             port to connect to

     -l login, --login=login
             remote login name

     -c ccache, --ccache=ccache
             remote cred cache

     -F, --forwardable
             forward forwardable credentials

     -G, --no-forwardable
             do not forward forwardable credentials

     -h, --help


     kf is useful when you do not want to enter your password on a remote host but want to have
     your tickets one for example AFS.

     In order for kf to work you will need to acquire your initial ticket with forwardable flag,
     i.e.  kinit --forwardable.

     telnet is able to forward tickets by itself.


     kinit(1), telnet(1), kfd(8)