Provided by: kgb-bot_1.54-1_all bug


       kgb-bot - an IRC bot helping collaborative work


       kgb-bot [--config file] [--foreground] [--simulate file]


       --config file
           Specify configuration file to load. Default is /etc/kgb-bot/kgb.conf.

       --config-dir directory
           Specify directory with configuration files to load. All files like *.conf are loaded,
           in alphabetical order. Default is /etc/kgb-bot/kgb.conf.d.

           Do not detach from console, print log messages to STDERR and do not become a daemon,
           useful for debugging.

       --simulate file
           Do not connect to IRC. Instead, output each notification line to the given file, like:

               #chan repo user branch revision module changed-paths
               #chan repo commit message line 1
               #chan repo commit message line 2

           There are no colour codes in the output, unless --simulate-color is also given.

           Include color codes in the file used by --simulate.

           Log additional debugging information

   webhook_request request response dirmatch
       Handler for webhook HTTP request.

       This handler only processes the HTTP part, parsing URI parameters and POST contents.

       The actual processing and IRC notification is done via an appropriate "gitlab_webhook_*"
       event, asynchronously.

       Handle a gitlab webhook call for the "push" event (branch update).

       Expects the body of the POST request (decoded, as a hash reference) in ARG0 and all the
       request parameters in ARG1.

       The request is expected to conform to the GitLab webhook documentation at

       The request parameters should look like the result of the CGI's param() method.

       Supported parameters (?param=value&param=value2...)

           The name of the channel to post notifications to. Leading hash sign is optional and
           should be URL-encoded if present (%23).

           The name of the IRC network, servicing the channel. Supported networks are configured
           by the bot's admin.

           A boolean flag, indicating that the notifications shouldn't also be posted to the
           "#commits" channel on Freenode.

           A boolean flag enabling colors. Defaults to true.

           Optional text to prepend to the commit ID.

           If true, IRC notification uses "notice" messages, instead of "privmsg".  Defaults to

           "notice" messages are usually less intrusive.

       squash_threshold number
           For push events, limit the commit notifications to the given number. If a branch
           update contains more commits, the usual notifications are replaced by a single
           notification about the number of the pushed commits.

           Default: 20