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       kile - the KDE Integrated LaTeX Environment


       kile [ generic-options ] [ --line line ] [ --new ] [ file ]


       Kile (the KDE Integrated LaTeX Environment) is a user-friendly LaTeX source editor and TeX
       shell for KDE.

       The source editor is a multi-document editor designed for .tex  and  .bib  files.   Menus,
       wizards and auto-completion are provided to assist with tag insertion and code generation.
       A structural view of the document assists with navigation within source files.

       The TeX shell integrates the various tools required for TeX processing.  It  assists  with
       LaTeX  compilation,  DVI and postscript document viewing, generation of bibliographies and
       indices and other common tasks.

       Kile can support large projects consisting of several smaller files.


       Below are the kile-specific options.  For a full summary of options, run kile --help.

       --line line
              Jump to the given line in the file that is opened.

       --new  Start a new Kile main window.


       Full user documentation is available through the KDE Help Centre.  You can also enter  the
       URL  help:/kile/ directly into konqueror or you can run `khelpcenter help:/kile/' from the

       If the KDE Help Centre is not installed then you  can  read  this  documentation  in  HTML
       format from /usr/share/doc/kde/HTML/en/kile/.


       Kile  was  written  by  Pascal  Brachet  <>  and  Jeroen
       Wijnhout <> with contributions from many others.
       This manual page was prepared by Ben Burton  <>  for  the  Debian  GNU/Linux
       system (but may be used by others).

                                          June 22, 2005                                   KILE(1)