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       king - interactive system for three-dimensional vector graphics


       king [options] [input file(s)]


       KiNG  (Kinemage,  Next  Generation)  is an interactive system for three-dimensional vector
       graphics. It supports a set of graphics primitives that make it suitable for many types of
       graphs,   plots,   and  other  illustrations;  although  its  first  use  was  to  display
       macromolecular structures for biophysical research. KiNG builds on Mage, JavaMage, and the
       "kinemage"  (kinetic  image)  concept  to  deliver a full-featured Java application with a
       user-friendly interface and integrated editing features. The KiNG jar  file  can  be  used
       within  a  web page as a Java applet or Java object to promote easy access to kinemages or
       coordinate files from a web browser.


              Print version information.

              Merge all input files into one kinemage.

              Keep all input kin or structure files into separate kinemages.

              Use Phenix colors for electron density files entered on command line.


       KiNG accepts kinemage, PDB, mmCIF, or electron density files as input.


       King  was  written  by   Ian   W.   Davis   <>,   Vincent   B.   Chen
       <> and others

       This  manual  page  was written by Andreas Tille <> for the Debian project
       (but may be used by others).