Provided by: koji-servers_1.16.2-1_all bug


       koji-shadow - Shadow builds between koji instances


       koji-shadow [options]


       -h, --help
              show this help message and exit

       -c FILE, --config-file=FILE
              use alternate configuration file

              specify a Kerberos keytab to use

              specify a Kerberos principal to use

              the service name of the principal being used by the hub

              run as the specified user (requires special privileges)

              specify user

              specify password

              get reverse dns FQDN for krb target

              get canonical hostname for krb target

              do not authenticate

       -n, --test
              test mode

       -d, --debug
              show debug output

              stop after scanning first build -- debugging

              show xmlrpc debug output

              don't actually run main

              limit number of tasks

              scan just this build

       -s SERVER, --server=SERVER
              url of local XMLRPC server

       -r REMOTE, --remote=REMOTE
              url of remote XMLRPC server

              if there is a newer build locally prefer it for deps

              Only import missing noarch builds

              import missing noarch builds rather than rebuilding

              use 'import --link' functionality

              topurl for remote server

              location to store work files

              Certificate for authentication

              Server CA certificate


              greylist rules

              blacklist rules

              Rules: list of packages to ignore

              Rules: list of packages to are excluded using ExcludeArch or ExclusiveArch

              Rules: list of packages to always include

              Rules: list of package names to never replace

              tag successful builds into the tag we are building, default is to not tag

              file where everything gets logged

              arches to use when creating tags

              priority to set for submitted builds