Provided by: koji-servers_1.16.2-1_all bug


       kojivmd - Koji virtual machine management daemon


       kojivmd [options]


       -h, --help
              show this help message and exit

       -c FILE, --config=FILE
              use alternate configuration file

              specify user

              specify password

       -f, --fg
              run in foreground

              force lock for exclusive session

       -v, --verbose
              show verbose output

       -d, --debug
              show debug output

              enable debug output for tasks

              show xmlrpc debug output

              don't actually run main

              Specify maxjobs

              Specify the polling interval

              Address(es) to send error notices to

              Specify workdir

              Specify plugin search path

              Load specified plugin

       -s SERVER, --server=SERVER
              url of XMLRPC server