Provided by: ksshaskpass_5.15.4-0ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       ksshaskpass - prompts a user for a passphrase using KDE




       kshaskpass is a KDE-based passphrase dialog for use with OpenSSH. It is intended to be
       called by the ssh-add(1) program and not invoked directly. It allows ssh-add(1) to obtain
       a passphrase from a user, even if not connected to a terminal (assuming that an X display
       is available). This happens automatically in the case where ssh-add is invoked from one's
       ~/.xsession or as one of the KDE startup programs, for example.

       In order to be called automatically by ssh-add, ksshaskpass should be installed as


       This manual page was written by Armin Berres <>. It was based on
       that for gnome-ssh-askpass by Colin Watson <>.