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       kupfer - Convenient command and access tool for applications and documents


       kupfer [ OPTIONS | FILE ... ]
       kupfer-exec FILE ...


       Kupfer  is  an  interface  for  quick  and  convenient  access  to  applications and their

       The most typical use is to find a specific application and launch it.  We  have  tried  to
       make Kupfer easy to extend with plugins so that this quick-access paradigm can be extended
       to many more objects than just applications.

       kupfer-exec is a helper script that can execute  commands  saved  to  file,  but  only  by
       connecting to an already running instance of Kupfer.


       Running  kupfer  on  the command line (without options) will try to show the program it if
       already running.

       Kupfer can be invoked with a list of files
          kupfer FILE ...

       The file paths will be sent to and selected in an already running instance of the program.

       You may also pipe text to kupfer to pass it to a currently running instance.


              Launch without presenting main interface

              Enable more verbose output that can help understanding the program's operation.

              List all installed plugins by their identifier, version and description.

       The following are options for internal use

              Run plugin helper program, which should be the name of a module inside kupfer.

       The following are generic options

       --help Display usage information

              Display version information


       Custom  plugins  are   added   to   kupfer   by   installing   them   to   the   directory
       ~/.local/share/kupfer/plugins, or any kupfer/plugins directory in any of $XDG_DATA_DIRS.


       If  KUPFER_NO_CUSTOM_PLUGINS is set, only allow loading built-in plugins (installed in the
       program's python package).

       If KUPFER_NO_CACHE is set, do not load from or write to any source cache files.

       If KUPFER_NO_KEYBINDER is set do not use Keybinder even if it is installed.


       Ulrik Sverdrup

                                               2017                                     KUPFER(1)