Provided by: kvpm_0.9.10-1.1_amd64 bug


       kvpm - Graphical user interface for LVM based on KDE


       kvpm [Qt-options] [KDE-options]


       This manual page briefly documents the KVPM KDE Application.

       KVPM  is  a graphical user interface for the Linux Volume Manager (LVM) and libparted.  It
       uses the standard LVM tools and programs to manipulate logical volumes, such as  resizing,
       deleting or creating them. It can also format volumes and mount or unmount them. Creating,
       deleting and resizing partitions is also supported.

   Generic options:
       --help Show help about options

              Show Qt specific options

              Show KDE specific options

              Show all options

              Show author information

       -v, --version
              Show version information

              Show license information

       --     End of options


       Full user documentation is available through the KDE Help Center.  You can also enter  the
       URL  help:/kvpm/ directly into konqueror or you can run `khelpcenter help:/kvpm/' from the


       KVPM is copyright by Benjamin Scott <>