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       kytos - command line utilities to use with Kytos


       Command line interface (cli) for Kytos SDN Platform.

       With  these  utilities  you can interact with Kytos daemon and manage Network Applications
       (NApps) on your controller.


       In order to execute kytos command line, please run:

       $ kytos --help

             kytos [-c <file>|--config <file>] <command> [<args>...]
             kytos [-v|--version]
             kytos [-h|--help]

             -c <file>, --config <file>    Load config file [default: ~/.kytosrc]
             -h, --help                    Show this screen.
             -v, --version                 Show version.

           The most commonly used kytos commands are:
             napps      Create, list, enable, install (and other actions) NApps.
             server     Start, Stop your Kytos Controller (Kytos)

           See 'kytos <command> -h|--help' for more information on a specific command.

       $ kytos napps -h

           You are at the "napps" command.

             kytos napps create
             kytos napps upload
             kytos napps delete    <napp>...
             kytos napps list
             kytos napps install   <napp>...
             kytos napps uninstall <napp>...
             kytos napps enable    <napp>...
             kytos napps disable   <napp>...
             kytos napps search    <pattern>
             kytos napps -h | --help

             -h, --help    Show this screen.

           Common napps subcommands:
             create        Create a bootstrap NApp structure for development.
             upload        Upload current NApp to Kytos repository.
             delete        Delete NApps from NApps Server.
             list          List all NApps installed into your system.
             install       Install a local or remote NApp into a controller.
             uninstall     Remove a NApp from your controller.
             enable        Enable a installed NApp.
             disable       Disable a NApp.
             search        Search for NApps in NApps Server.


       We are available in IRC and  there  is  also  a  development  mailing  list.  Details  are
       available in the full documentation.


       If you want to contribute to this project, please read Kytos Documentation website:


       The kytos was written by Kytos Development Team <>.

       For a complete list of authors, please open AUTHORS.rst file.

       This   manual   page   was   written   by   Paulo   Henrique   de   Lima   Santana  (phls)
       <> for the Debian project (but may be used by others).