Provided by: langdrill_0.3-8_amd64 bug


       langdrill - simple program to test your vocabulary in foreign languages


       langdrill [file]


       This  manual page documents briefly the langdrill commands.  langdrill is a simple program
       for testing your vocabulary. It has complete support for internationalized  text  and  can
       display  languages  such  as  Japanese,  Hebrew,  Russian  and  many more. The program was
       inspired by JavaDrill but the author (Ionutz Borcoman)  thinks  that  langdrill  has  some
       improvements:  while  JavaDrill  can  handle  one definition file at a time, langdrill can
       handle many definitions sections from a single file.

       The default definition file for langdrill default.drill is located by default  in  one  of
       the following directories:



       depending on the system being Debian GNU/Linux or not.  Adding a file on the command line,
       forces langdrill to use that file instead of the default one.

       langdrill uses GTK 2 and VDK 2.


       There are no options for langdrill, except the optional description file.


       This manual page was written by Ionutz Borcoman <> for the
       Debian  GNU/Linux distribution because the original program did not have a manual page. It
       is currently maintained by Sam Hocevar <>.