Provided by: latex2rtf_2.3.16-1_amd64 bug


       latex2png - Convert a LaTeX file to a PNG image


       latex2png -- Convert a LaTeX file to a PNG image


       latex2png [-d density] [-h] [-k] [-c] [-g] [-m] [-H home dir] file[.tex|.eps]


       The  latex2png  command  converts  a  LaTeX  file  into  a  PNG  image.  The first page is
       translated into an image at the specified resolution.   latex2png  can  also  be  used  to
       convert encapsulated postscript (EPS) files to PNG images.


       -c produce color image

       -d density
              density  is   the  number of dots per inch to use in the created image (default 144

       -g produce gray images

       -h help

       -H home_dir
              home_dir is a directory to be included in search path (default  is  directory  that
              contains  the  LaTeX file).  This is used to create PNG images in another directory
              (e.g., /tmp) and still allow LaTeX to find files that it needs to include.

       -k keep intermediate files (for debugging)

       -m produce monochrome (black and white) image

       -v version


       latex2png -d 144 /tmp/file
              #create /tmp/file.png at 144 dpi

       latex2png file.eps
              #create file.png

       latex2png file.tex
              #create file.png via latex

       latex2png -H . /tmp/file
              #search the cwd for image files


       latex2png is a part of latex2rtf and has a special mode to assist in finding the  baseline
       of  a latex equation.  Documentation for latex2rtf may be found in, the PDF
       file latex2rtf.pdf or the HTML file latex2rtf.html which are made from the TeXInfo  source
       file latex2rtf.texi.