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       Lazarus  -  is  a  Rapid  Application Development (RAD) for the Free Pascal Compiler (FPC)
       including an Integrated Development Environment (IDE).




       This binary is an integrated development environment for the Free  Pascal  Compiler  (FPC)
       which  is  an  advanced  Turbo  Pascal  and  Delphi  (7.0)  compatible multi-target Pascal

       The IDE uses FPC(1)

       The current main supported targets are Linux, Mac OS X, Freebsd, and Windows.

       The other targets are either based on older versions of  the  compiler  or  are  still  in

       This manpage is meant for quick-reference only. Lazarus comes with an online manual, which
       is updated constantly, while this man page can be out of date.


       The user interface of the IDE has been designed to be similar to Delphi.  It provides  the
       user with a user friendly, but rather powerful editor, a form editor, an extensive on-line
       help system and a debugger.

       A windowing system is the base of the user interface. The user will  usually  open  a  few
       text  editor  windows  in  which he will design his program, during which he can regularly
       check and debug through the use of hot keys. The high speed of the compiler  ensures  that
       programmers can do this often and therefore allows speedy development of code.

Help files

       No  help files are provided by default. The user must download the Lazarus and Free Pascal
       documentation in HTML format and install it into the IDE using the  Help->Configure  Help.
       Files can also be installed in this menu and can be useful for source code that ships with
       HTML files as documentation.


       Lazarus development team (see )


              startlazarus(1) lazbuild(1) fpc(1)