Provided by: lcdproc_0.5.9-3_amd64 bug


       lcdvc - LCDproc virtual console


       lcdvc [-fh] [-a addr] [-c file] [-p port] [-r level] [-s bool]


       This  program  shows  content  from  a  system console on a LCD controlled by LCDd. As the
       console is usually larger than a LCD, the area shown on the LCD  screen  can  be  scrolled
       using keys attached to the display.

       Additionally it has an autoscroll feature, which is on by default and can only be disabled
       by using lcdvc's menu.

       By default it uses /dev/vcs and /dev/vcsa devices as the console to  show.  Other  console
       devices  can be set in the configuration file /etc/lcdvc.conf. The keys used for scrolling
       can be set in the config file as well.


       The following options can be set in the configuration file /etc/lcdvc.conf  as  well,  but
       those given on the command line take precedence:

       -a addr
              DNS name or IP address of the LCDd server (default localhost).

       -c file
              Specify configuration file.

       -f     Run in foreground.

       -h     Output help and exit.

       -p port
              Port of the LCDd server (default 13666).

       -r level
              Set reporting level (0-5, default: 2)

       -s bool
              Report to syslog (1) or stderr (0, default).




       lcdvc was originally written by Joris Robijn, modified by Peter Marschall.

       This man page was written by Markus Dolze.


       LCDd(8) vcs(4)


       lcdvc is released under the GNU General Public License, version 2.