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       lensfun-add-adapter - add lens mount compatibilities to Lensfun's database


       lensfun-add-adapter [--maker MAKER] [--model MODEL] [--mount MOUNT]
       lensfun-add-adapter --remove-local-mount-config


       Lensfun  is  a  library that corrects flaws in photographic images introduced by the lens.
       It also contains a comprehensive database  of  cameras  and  lenses  together  with  their
       characteristics  to  be  able  to  apply  automatic corrections of images taken with these
       devices.  Lensfun is used  by  darktable,  digiKam,  rawstudio,  GimpLensfun,  UFRaw,  and

       Lensfun  contains  information  about lens mounts of cameras and available mounts for lens
       models.  This way, the calling application can offer the user a list with lenses that  fit
       on  their  camera  in  order to pick one.  Otherwise, you would see all lenses every time.
       This can be pretty overwhelming.

       But if you bought an adapter for another mount system, you would want  to  see  lenses  of
       that  mount system listed for your camera.  So, you must tell Lensfun somehow that you own
       the adapter.  You can do so by calling lensfun-add-adapter.

       The easiest way to use it is to call it with no parameters.  lensfun-add-adapter will then
       enter   an   interactive   mode.    First   you   have   to   enter   your  camera  model.
       lensfun-add-adapter will use that to determine the destination mount.  In particular,  the
       extended  lens  lists  will show up for every camera with that mount, not just the one you
       entered.  Then, you have to select the mount of the lenses you can now put on your camera,
       using the adapter.  That's it.

       With  the options --maker, --model, and --mount, you can avoid interactive mode by passing
       the  nevcessary  data  explicitly.   If  you  pass  only  maker/model   or   only   mount,
       lensfun-add-adapter will enter interactive mode only for the missing data.

       You  can  also  use lensfun-add-adapter to reset your adapter configuration.  Call it with
       the --help paremeter to see all functions.


       --maker MAKER --model MODEL
              The exact maker and model  of  the  camera  the  mount  of  which  should  be  made
              compatible.   You  must  provide these options only in combination rather than only
              one of them.

       --mount MOUNT
              The exact name of the mount of the lenses that should be made compatible.

              Resets the local mount configuration, i.e.  the  additional  mount  compatibilities
              that  were  created  by  this program.  Effectively, it removes the file _mount.xml
              from the local Lensfun database of the current user.


              File with all mount compatibilities that were added by this program.


       Exit status:

                                 │0 │ successful                       │
                                 │1 │ invalid command line arguments   │
                                 │2 │ invalid  input  in   interactive │
                                 │  │ mode                             │


       Report bugs at <>.


       Lensfun is Copyright © 2007 Andrew Zabolotny

       License of the code: GNU Lesser General Public License, version 3

       License of the database: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 license




       This manual page was written by Torsten Bronger <>

                                            2013-12-23                     LENSFUN-ADD-ADAPTER(1)