Provided by: gatb-core_1.4.1+git20181225.44d5a44+dfsg-1_amd64 bug


       leon - reference free compression for NGS reads


   leon options
       -file  (1  arg)  :     input  file  (e.g.  FASTA/FASTQ  for  compress  or  .leon  file for

       -c     (0 arg) :    compression

       -d     (0 arg) :    decompression

              (1 arg) :    number of cores (default is the available number of  cores)   [default

              (0  arg) :    switch to lossless compression for qualities (default is lossy. lossy
              has much higher compression rate, and the loss is in fact a gain. lossy is better!)

   compression options
              (1 arg) :    size of a kmer  [default '31']

              (1 arg) :    abundance threshold for solid kmers (default inferred)  [default '']

              (0 arg) :    init iterator for ibank mode

              (0 arg) :    store dna seq only, header and quals are discarded, will decompress to
              fasta (same as -noheader -noqual)

              (0 arg) :    discard header

              (0 arg) :    discard quality scores


       This  manpage was written by Andreas Tille for the Debian distribution and can be used for
       any other usage of the program.