Provided by: libinput-tools_1.12.6-1_amd64 bug


       libinput-quirks - quirk debug helper for libinput


       libinput quirks list [--data-dir /path/to/dir] [--verbose] /dev/input/event0

       libinput quirks validate [--data-dir /path/to/dir] [--verbose]

       libinput quirks --help


       The libinput quirks tool interacts with libinput's quirks database.

       When  invoked  as  libinput  quirks  list,  the tool lists all quirks applied to the given

       When invoked as libinput quirks validate, the tool checks for parsing errors in the quirks
       files and fails if a parsing error is encountered.

       This is a debugging tool only, its output and behavior may change at any time. Do not rely
       on the output.


       --data-dir /path/to/dir
               Use the given directory as data directory for  quirks  files.  When  omitted,  the
               default directories are used.

       --help  Print help

               Use verbose output, useful for debugging.


       Part of the libinput(1) suite