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       nifti - IO libraries and tools for the NIFTI-1 data format


       The  NIfTI-1  data  format  is  a  binary file format for storing medical image data, e.g.
       magnetic resonance image (MRI) and functional MRI (fMRI) brain images.

       The NIfTI format is an extension of the widely used ANALYZE 7.5 format. The goals of  this
       modified  data  format  are  (1)  to add information to the header that will be useful for
       functional neuroimaging data analysis and display. These additions include:

              - More basic data types.
              - Two affine transformations to specify voxel coordinates.
              - "Intent" codes and parameters to describe the meaning of the data.
              - Affine scaling of the stored data values to their "true" values.
              - Optional storage of the header and image data in one file (.nii).

       And (2) To maintain compatibility with non-NIFTI-aware  ANALYZE  7.5  compatible  software
       (i.e.,  such  a program should be able to do something useful with a NIFTI-1 dataset -- at
       least, with one stored in a traditional .img/.hdr file pair).

       The NIfTI library package consists of two libraries:

       znzlib -- low level library for handling read/write of compressed files.

       niftilib -- core i/o routines for reading and  writing  nifti-1  format  files.  Primarily
       routines  to read/write and manipulate the header field information, including orientation
       matrices.  Volume-wise, timecourse-wise, access to image data.


       nifti_tool(1), nifti1_test(1), nifti_stats(1).



       The  NIfTI  libraries  were  written  by  the  NIfTI  Data  Format  Working  Group  (DFWG, ).

       This  manual  page  was written by Michael Hanke <>, for the Debian
       project (but may be used by others).