Provided by: librecad_2.1.3-1.1_amd64 bug


       LIBRECAD - A professional CAD System.


       LibreCAD  is  a professional CAD System. With LibreCAD you can easily construct and change
       drawings with ISO-texts and many other features and save them  as  DXF-files.  These  DXF-
       files are the interface to many CAD-systems such as AutoCAD(R) and many others.

       LibreCAD has no special invocation parameters.

       We  are  very  sorry  but  could not include the manual because of License issues with the
       manual from the original QCad CE edition. However, we are working to create a  new  manual
       specially for LibreCAD.

       In   the   mean  time,  to  get  help  on  LibreCAD,  please  visit  the  following  link:

       There are some wonderfull people on the forum and IRC channel that can give you a hand  to
       get going.

       We are sure you will enjoy LibreCAD as much as we do, even without a manual.