Provided by: lifeograph_1.5.1.1-1_amd64 bug


       lifeograph - private digital diary


       lifeograph [--force-welcome] [--open, -o DIARY] [--read-only]


       Lifeograph is a digital diary with strong emphasis on privacy.

       It has a minimalistic and modern gui, designed usability in mind.


       --open, -o DIARY
              Sets  the diary file to be opened. If the diary is encrypted, Lifeograph will start
              with a password prompt.

       --read-only, -r
              Open the command-line supplied file in read-only mode if there is one.

              Enables opening locked diary files. Beware that if a diary file  is  locked  it  is
              probably being edited by another instance of Lifeograph or the last session with it
              did not finish correctly. In either case the lock file may contain unsaved changes.

              Forces program to show the welcome screen. Normally welcome screen is only shown on
              the first run of Lifeograph.


       If you find a bug, please report it at


       Ahmet Öztürk (aoz_2 at yahoo dot com)

                                           02 Sep 2012                              LIFEOGRAPH(1)