Provided by: lldb-6.0_6.0.1-11_amd64 bug


       lldb-mi - manual page for lldb-mi 6.0


       Description:  The  Machine  Interface  Driver (MI Driver) is a stand alone executable that
       either be used via a client i.e. Eclipse or directly from the command line.  It  processes
       MI  commands,  actions  those  commands using the internal debugger then forms MI response
       formatted text which is returned to the client.

       Information: Current limitations. The MI  Driver  currently  only  handles  remote  target
       debugging.  Local  debugging  has  not  been  implemented. The MI Driver has been designed
       primarily to be used with Eclipse Juno and a custom plugin.   The  custom  plugin  is  not
       necessary to operate the MI Driver.

       MI driver usage:

              lldb-mi [--longOption] [-s hortOption] [executeable]

       [] = optional argument.

       -h --help

              Prints out usage information for the MI debugger. Exit the MI Driver immediately.


              Prints out GNU (gdb) version information. Exit the MI Driver immediately.


              Prints out MI Driver version information. Exit the MI Driver immediately.


              This  option  is  kept for backward compatibility. This executable always run in MI

       -s <filename> --source <filename>

              Tells the debugger to read in and execute the lldb  commands  in  the  given  file,
              after any file provided on the command line has been loaded.


              Use the MI Driver in MI mode for the debugging the specified executable.


              Use   this   argument   to   tell   the   MI   Driver   to  update  it's  log  file


              Use this argument to specify the directory the MI Driver will place  the  log  file
              in, i.e --log-dir=/tmp.

       executable (NOT IMPLEMENTED)

              The file path to the executable i.e. '"C:\My Dev\foo.exe"'.

       MI Driver Command: quit

              Exit the MI Driver application.

   Example MI command:
              3-info-gdb-mi-command gdb-set 3^done,command={exists="true"}