Provided by: llvm-6.0_6.0.1-11_amd64 bug


       llvm-ranlib - manual page for llvm-ranlib 6.0


       OVERVIEW: LLVM Archiver (llvm-ar)

              This program archives bitcode files into single libraries

       USAGE: llvm-ranlib [options] [relpos] [count] <archive-file> [members]...


       General options:

       -M                                                -

       -aarch64-neon-syntax                              - Choose style of NEON code to emit from
              AArch64 backend:

              -   Emit generic NEON assembly

       =apple -   Emit Apple-style NEON assembly

       -amdgpu-dump-hsa-metadata                         - Dump AMDGPU HSA Metadata

       -amdgpu-enable-merge-m0                           - Merge and hoist M0 initializations

       -amdgpu-sdwa-peephole                             - Enable SDWA peepholer

       -amdgpu-spill-sgpr-to-smem                        - Use scalar stores to  spill  SGPRs  if
              supported by subtarget

       -amdgpu-verify-hsa-metadata                       - Verify AMDGPU HSA Metadata

       -amdgpu-vgpr-index-mode                            -  Use  GPR  indexing  mode  instead of
              movrel for vector indexing

       -arm-add-build-attributes                         -

       -arm-implicit-it                                    -   Allow   conditional   instructions
              outdside of an IT block

              -   Accept in both ISAs, emit implicit ITs in Thumb

       =never -   Warn in ARM, reject in Thumb

       =arm   -   Accept in ARM, reject in Thumb

       =thumb -   Warn in ARM, emit implicit ITs in Thumb

       -atomic-counter-update-promoted                    -  Do counter update using atomic fetch
              for promoted counters only

       -bounds-checking-single-trap                      - Use one trap block per function

       -color                                             -  use  colored   syntax   highlighting

       -cost-kind                                        - Target cost kind

              -   Reciprocal throughput

              -   Instruction latency

              -   Code size

       -cvp-dont-process-adds                            -

       -debug-counter                                     - Comma separated list of debug counter
              skip and count

              -   Controls which variables are renamed with predicateinfo

              -   Controls which instructions are visited

              -   Controls which instructions are value numbered

              -   Controls which instructions we create phi of ops for

              -   Controls which tag collisions are avoided

       -do-counter-promotion                             - Do counter register promotion

       -emscripten-cxx-exceptions-whitelist=<string>     - The list of function  names  in  which
              Emscripten-style     exception     handling     is    enabled    (see    emscripten

       -enable-emscripten-cxx-exceptions                 - WebAssembly Emscripten-style exception

       -enable-emscripten-sjlj                               -    WebAssembly    Emscripten-style
              setjmp/longjmp handling

       -enable-load-pre                                  -

       -enable-name-compression                          - Enable name string compression

       -enable-packed-inlinable-literals                  -  Enable  packed  inlinable   literals
              (v2f16, v2i16)

       -enable-si-insert-waitcnts                        - Use new waitcnt insertion pass

       -expensive-combines                               - Enable expensive instruction combines

       -format                                           - Archive format to create

              -   default

       =gnu   -   gnu

              -   darwin

       =bsd   -   bsd

       -gpsize=<uint>                                    - Global Pointer Addressing Size.
              The default size is 8.

       -hash-based-counter-split                          -  Rename  counter variable of a comdat
              function based on cfg hash

       -import-all-index                                  -  Import  all  external  functions  in

       -instcombine-maxarray-size=<uint>                  -  Maximum  array  size considered when
              doing a combine

       -internalize-public-api-file=<filename>           - A file containing list of symbol names
              to preserve

       -internalize-public-api-list=<list>               - A list of symbol names to preserve

       -iterative-counter-promotion                       -  Allow  counter  promotion across the
              whole loop nest.

       -lto-pass-remarks-output=<filename>               - Output filename for pass remarks

       -max-counter-promotions=<int>                      -  Max  number   of   allowed   counter

       -max-counter-promotions-per-loop=<uint>           - Max number counter promotions per loop
              to avoid increasing register pressure too much

       -memop-size-large=<uint>                          - Set large value thresthold  in  memory
              intrinsic size profiling. Value of 0 disables the large value profiling.

       -memop-size-range=<string>                         -  Set  the  range  of  size  in memory
              intrinsic calls to be profiled precisely, in a format of <start_val>:<end_val>

       -merror-missing-parenthesis                       - Error for missing  parenthesis  around
              predicate registers

       -merror-noncontigious-register                     -  Error for register names that aren't

       -mhvx                                             - Enable Hexagon Vector eXtensions

       =v60   -   Build for HVX v60

       =v62   -   Build for HVX v62

       =v65   -   Build for HVX v65

       =      -

       -mips-compact-branches                            - MIPS Specific: Compact branch policy.

              -   Do not use compact branches if possible.

              -   Use compact branches where appropiate (default).

              -   Always use compact branches if possible.

       -mips16-constant-islands                          - Enable mips16 constant islands.

       -mips16-hard-float                                - Enable mips16 hard float.

       -mno-compound                                       -   Disable   looking   for   compound
              instructions for Hexagon

       -mno-fixup                                        - Disable fixing up resolved relocations
              for Hexagon

       -mno-ldc1-sdc1                                    -  Expand  double  precision  loads  and
              stores to their single precision counterparts

       -mno-pairing                                         -    Disable   looking   for   duplex
              instructions for Hexagon

       -mwarn-missing-parenthesis                        - Warn for  missing  parenthesis  around
              predicate registers

       -mwarn-noncontigious-register                      -  Warn  for  register names that arent

       -mwarn-sign-mismatch                              - Warn  for  mismatching  a  signed  and
              unsigned value

       -no-discriminators                                 -  Disable  generation of discriminator

       -nvptx-sched4reg                                  - NVPTX Specific: schedule for  register

       -plugin=<string>                                  - plugin (ignored for compatibility

       -print-module-scope                                   -     When     printing    IR    for
              print-[before|after]{-all} always print a module IR

       -r600-ir-structurize                              - Use StructurizeCFG IR pass

       -rdf-dump                                         -

       -rdf-limit=<uint>                                 -

       -safepoint-ir-verifier-print-only                 -

       -sample-profile-check-record-coverage=<N>         - Emit a warning  if  less  than  N%  of
              records in the input profile are matched to the IR.

       -sample-profile-check-sample-coverage=<N>          -  Emit  a  warning  if less than N% of
              samples in the input profile are matched to the IR.

       -sample-profile-inline-hot-threshold=<N>          - Inlined  functions  that  account  for
              more  than  N%  of  all  samples  collected in the parent function, will be inlined

       -sample-profile-max-propagate-iterations=<uint>   - Maximum number  of  iterations  to  go
              through when propagating sample block/edge weights through the CFG.

       -speculative-counter-promotion-max-exiting=<uint>  - The max number of exiting blocks of a
       loop to allow
              speculative counter promotion

       -speculative-counter-promotion-to-loop            - When  the  option  is  false,  if  the
       target block is in a loop, the promotion will be disallowed unless the promoted counter
              update can be further/iteratively promoted into an acyclic  region.

       -summary-file=<string>                             -  The summary file to use for function

       -threads=<int>                                    -

       -unfold-element-atomic-memcpy-max-elements=<uint> - Maximum number of elements  in  atomic
              memcpy the optimizer is allowed to unfold

       -verify-region-info                               - Verify region info (time consuming)

       -vp-counters-per-site=<number>                    - The average number of profile counters
              allocated per value profiling site.

       -vp-static-alloc                                  - Do static counter allocation for value

       Generic Options:

       -help                                                 -    Display    available    options
              (-help-hidden for more)

       -help-list                                        -  Display  list  of  available  options
              (-help-list-hidden for more)

       -version                                          - Display the version of this program

       d[NsS] - delete file(s) from the archive

              - move file(s) in the archive

       p[kN]  - print file(s) found in the archive

              - quick append file(s) to the archive

              - replace or insert file(s) into the archive

       t      - display contents of archive

       x[No]  - extract file(s) from the archive

   MODIFIERS (operation specific):
              [a]  -  put  file(s) after [relpos] [b] - put file(s) before [relpos] (same as [i])
              [i] - put file(s) before [relpos] (same as [b]) [o] - preserve original dates [s] -
              create an archive index (cf. ranlib) [S] - do not build a symbol table [T] - create
              a thin archive [u] - update only files newer than archive contents

   MODIFIERS (generic):
              [c] - do not warn if the library had to be created [v] - be verbose  about  actions