Provided by: logitech-applet_0.4~test1-0ubuntu3_amd64 bug


       Logitech - utility to set parameters for certain Logitech mice


       Tweak certain mouse settings, like the CPI, Cruise Control

              read the current sensor resolution

              set the sensor resolution to X, where X is 400 or 800

              read the current Cruise Control setting

              enable Cruise Control

              disable Cruise Control

              display the program version

       --help print this usage information

       -c     same as --get-cc

       -d     same as --disable-cc

       -e     same as --enable-cc

       -g     same as --get-res

       -s X   same as --set-res X

       -h     same as --help

       -v     same as --version


       Copyright © 2002-2004 Brad Hards <>