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       love - 2D game development framework


       love <>


       LÖVE was created to be a user-friendly engine in which simple (or complicated) games could
       be made without having extensive knowledge of system or  graphics  functions  and  without
       having to dedicate time towards developing the same engine features time and time again.

       Developed  with  cross-platform implementation in mind, it utilizes the latest open source
       libraries to deliver a similar  game  experience,  independent  of  operating  system.  By
       relying  on  the  Lua scripting language for game-specific programming, it allows even the
       novice game creator to quickly and efficiently develop an idea into a fully working game.


       You  can  find  more  information  at  or  in  the   local   directory

                                               0.9                                        LÖVE(1)