Provided by: lptools_0.2.0-2ubuntu2_all bug


       lp-project-upload - Upload a release tarball to a Launchpad project.


       lp-project-upload  <project  name>  <version>  <tarball>  [new milestone] [changelog file]
       [releasenotes file]


       lp-project-upload uploads a tarball release of a project  to  Launchpad.   It  can  create
       milestones and releases on the fly after confirmation.

       If there is a file tarball.asc, it is uploaded as the signature of the tarball.

       You  can  optionally  provide  the  name  of  the next milestone, which will be created if

       You can optionally provide filename(s) specifying the changelog and release notes  entries
       for  this  release.   Note  that  these  might be /dev/null, if you do not want to provide
       changelog or release notes information.  If these are not specified, an interactive editor
       will allow you to compose these.


       lp-project-upload  was  written  by  Martin  Pitt <> and enhanced by
       Dustin Kirkland <>.

       It is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 2  or  (at  your
       option) any later version.