Provided by: lptools_0.2.0-2ubuntu2_all bug


       lp-project - work with projects in Launchpad


       lp-project <command>


       lp-project  allows  you  to  quickly  create  a new project on Launchpad. It automates the
       creation of management/commiter teams, a -dev mailing list, the project itself, and a  bzr
       branch for trunk.


       Listed below are the possible commands that can be passed to lp-project:

       help commands
              List all supported commands

       create <projectname>
              Create a project. This creates two teams - a management/committer team owner by you
              and a -dev mailing list owned by the mgmt team. It then creates the project,  makes
              it  owned  by the committer team, creates a new empty bzr branch for trunk and then
              fires up a web browser pointing at the project for you to fine tune.  After running
              this    command    you   need   to   set   what   LP   features   you   are   using
              (, describe your  project  (title,
              summary, description), upload your code to lp:PROJECT, and turn on the mailing list
              by hand (


       lp-project was written by Robert Collins <>, and  this  manual
       page was written by Nathan Handler <>.