Provided by: lptools_0.2.0-2ubuntu2_all bug


       lp-review-list - list reviews for a project


       lp-review-list <project1> [[project2] ...]


       lp-review-list  will  present  a  list  of  all the branches currently in the Needs Review
       state. The list includes the branch name, and the votes on the proposal. You  can  double-
       click  on  a row to open the merge proposal page in your browser. It will use launchpadlib
       and refresh automatically every 5 minutes.


       Listed below are the command line options for lp-review-list:

              List of projects to display branches in the Needs Review state for.


       lp-review-list was written by Rodney Dawes <>, and  this  manual
       page was written by Nathan Handler <>.