Provided by: lptools_0.2.0-2ubuntu2_all bug


       lp-shell - Open an interactive launchpadlib shell.


       lp-shell [-a] [-cPROGRAM] [--python] [--ipython] [service] [LP API version]


       lp-shell opens an interactive Python shell with a launchpadlib.Launchpad object "lp" which
       is ready for use.

       It authenticates against Launchpad with  the  consumer  name  "udt-lp-shell".  When  using
       lp-shell with the -a option it will use the anonymous login from launchpadlib.Launchpad.

       By  default lp-shell connects to the "production" Launchpad service using the "1.0" LP API

       If you want to connect to another Launchpad service, call lp-shell with the  service  name
       as  the  second  argument.  lp-shell  supports  all  services known by launchpadlib Python
       module.   Currently  known  are  (list  can  be  incomplete  or  outdated):  "production",
       "staging", "dogfood".

       A  different LP API version can be selected by passing the API version to use as the third
       argument. Current supported are: "beta", "1.0" and "devel".


       -a     Login anonymously into Launchpad.

       -c PROGRAM
              Don't enter a shell but only run the specified Python program and exit.

              Use an ipython shell if available (default).

              Use a regular python shell.


       lp-shell was written by Martin Pitt <>.

       It is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 2  or  (at  your
       option) any later version.