Provided by: lpc21isp_1.97-4_amd64 bug


       lpc21isp - Is an in-circuit programming (ISP) tool for the NXP(Philips) microcontrollers


       lpc21isp [[Options]] [file[ file[] [comport] [baudrate] [Oscillator_in_kHz]

       lpc21isp [-bin] [-hex] [-term] [-termonly] [-localecho] [-detectonly] [-debug0] [-debug3]
                [-debug5] [-donotstart] [-try<n>] [-wipe] [-control] [-controlswap] [-controlinv]
                [-verify] [-logfile] [-halfduplex] [-ADARM] [-PHILIPSARM]


       lpc21isp is an in-circuit programming (ISP) tool for the NXP(Philips)
       LPC1100/LPC1300/LPC1700/LPC2000 series ARM7/Cortex-M0/Cortex-M3 microcontrollers.


       -bin   for uploading binary file

       -hex   for uploading file in intel hex format (default)

       -term  for starting terminal after upload

              for starting terminal without an upload

              for local echo in terminal

              detect only used LPC chiptype (PHILIPSARM only)

              for no debug

              for progress info only

              for full debug

              do not start MCU after download

              try n times to synchronise

       -wipe  Erase entire device before upload

              for controlling RS232 lines for easier booting (Reset = DTR, EnableBootLoader =

              swap RS232 control lines (Reset = RTS, EnableBootLoader = DTR)

              Invert state of RTS & DTR (0=true/assert/set, 1=false/deassert/clear).

              Verify the data in Flash after every writes to sector. To detect errors in writing
              to Flash ROM

              for enabling logging of terminal output to lpc21isp.log

              use halfduplex serial communication (i.e. with K-Line)

       -ADARM for downloading to an Analog Devices ARM microcontroller ADUC70xx

              for downloading to a microcontroller from NXP(Philips) LPC13xx/LPC17xx/LPC2000
              family (default)