Provided by: licenseutils_0.0.9-3_amd64 bug


       lu-comment-extractor - extract comments from source code files


       lu-comment-extractor [OPTION]... FILE


       Show the topmost comments of source files (using GNU Source Highlight.)

       -f, --full
              instead of showing topmost comments, show them all

       -s, --style NAME
              parse comments in the style of NAME

              also show starting and ending byte positions

       -O, --output FILE dump comments to FILE instead of stdout

       -h, --help
              display this help and exit

              display version information and exit

       Style  NAME can be one of "c, c++, javascript, shell, scheme, texinfo, latex, m4, haskell,
       groff, gettext, fortran, pascal".  "c" is the default.

       --stats produces a terminating line showing the source row, source column, along with  the
       destination row, destination column of the detected comments.


       Report bugs to <>.